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At Process Payments Now, we understand that America's rich and vibrant history is reflected in its diverse economy. From the bustling streets of New York to the tech hubs of California, and the historic landmarks of Massachusetts to the agricultural heartlands of Iowa, the United States presents a tapestry of commerce as varied as its history. As the best merchant services company in the United States, Process Payments Now is dedicated to providing businesses across this great nation with top-tier payment processing solutions. We blend cutting-edge technology with an understanding of the unique needs of each state, ensuring businesses from coast to coast can thrive. Whether you're running a boutique in Texas or a startup in Florida, Process Payments Now is your trusted partner, bridging the gap between America's historical legacy and its dynamic future in commerce.


Known for its pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement, Alabama has a rich history steeped in cultural and political milestones. Today, the state boasts strong industries in aerospace, manufacturing, and automotive production, contributing significantly to its economic growth.


Arkansas has a history rich in agriculture and was a key player in the American Civil War. Modern Arkansas is known for its strong agricultural outputs, particularly in poultry and rice, as well as a growing presence in aerospace and logistics.


With roots in colonial America, Connecticut played a significant role in the development of the U.S. government. Today, it has a robust economy with strengths in finance, insurance, and manufacturing, particularly in aerospace and submarines.


Florida's rich history includes its native tribes and Spanish colonial influence. Today, it's a major tourist destination known for its theme parks, space industry at Cape Canaveral, and a significant agricultural sector, especially in citrus fruits.


Known for its rich Native American history and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Idaho's economy is driven by agriculture, particularly potatoes, along with a growing technology sector and a strong presence in manufacturing and mining.


Known for its agricultural history, particularly in corn production, Iowa plays a crucial role in America's food supply. It also has a growing renewable energy sector, especially in wind power, and a significant presence in manufacturing and finance.


Known for its unique cultural heritage, including Cajun and Creole influences, Louisiana's economy is driven by the oil and gas industry, along with significant contributions from agriculture, particularly in seafood and cotton, and a growing film industry.


With its roots in the American Revolution, Massachusetts is a hub for education and innovation, particularly in biotechnology, finance, and higher education, with institutions like Harvard and MIT.


Mississippi, rich in Civil War and Civil Rights history, has a primarily agricultural economy, with significant contributions from manufacturing, particularly in automotive and furniture.


With a strong heritage in agriculture, particularly in beef and corn, Nebraska also has growing sectors in freight transport, telecommunications, and information technology.

New Jersey

Home to many Revolutionary War landmarks, New Jersey's economy is diverse, with strong pharmaceutical, financial, and telecommunications industries.

North Carolina

With a history rooted in tobacco and textiles, North Carolina now has a diverse economy with strong banking, technology, and research sectors, particularly in the Research Triangle Park.


With a history deeply connected to Native American tribes and oil, Oklahoma's economy is still led by energy, as well as agriculture and aviation.

Rhode Island

As the first of the thirteen colonies to declare independence, Rhode Island today has a diverse economy in healthcare services, education, and manufacturing, particularly in jewelry and boat building.


Tennessee's rich history in music, particularly country and blues, is celebrated worldwide. Economically, it's diversified with strong sectors in healthcare, automotive manufacturing, and music production, notably in Nashville and Memphis.


Known for its picturesque landscapes and as a major producer of maple syrup, Vermont's economy also includes advanced manufacturing, particularly in electronics and machinery, and a growing technology sector.

West Virginia

Historically centered around coal mining, West Virginia is diversifying into sectors such as healthcare, education, and technology. The state also has a rich cultural heritage in the Appalachian region.


Alaska's history is deeply connected to its indigenous peoples and later, the Gold Rush era. Its economy is predominantly driven by oil and gas extraction, fishing, and tourism, capitalizing on its vast natural resources and stunning landscapes.


Renowned for the Gold Rush and the birthplace of the film industry, California has a dynamic history. Today, it's a global hub for technology, entertainment, and innovation, with Silicon Valley and Hollywood being iconic symbols of its diverse economy.


Known for its historical significance in early American history, Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. Its current economy is strongly supported by the chemical industry, banking, and pharmaceuticals, benefiting from business-friendly laws.


Georgia, pivotal during both the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, has a history that reflects its deep Southern roots. Its economy is diverse, with strong sectors in agriculture, particularly peaches and peanuts, and a booming film and TV production industry.


Illinois, with its history marked by Abraham Lincoln's political career and the Great Chicago Fire, is a major economic force with strengths in manufacturing, agriculture, and finance. Chicago, as a global city, contributes significantly with its diverse economy.


Kansas, historically central to America's agricultural development, remains a leader in wheat and livestock production. The state also has a significant manufacturing sector, particularly in aviation, and is growing in areas like bioscience and renewable energy.


Maine, with its history rooted in maritime tradition and the lumber industry, continues to thrive in these areas. Its economy is also supported by tourism, particularly for its scenic coastlines, and a growing tech sector.


Known for its automotive history, symbolized by Detroit, Michigan's economy is diversified with strengths in manufacturing, information technology, and agriculture.


Known for the Gateway Arch symbolizing westward expansion, Missouri has a diverse economy with strengths in aerospace, transportation equipment, and food processing.


Known for its gambling and entertainment industries centered in Las Vegas, Nevada also benefits from mining and logistics sectors.

New Mexico

Rich in Native American and Spanish history, New Mexico's economy is bolstered by oil and gas production, tourism, and a growing film industry.

North Dakota

North Dakota, known for its agriculture and the Dakota Access Pipeline, has a growing economy in energy production, particularly oil extracted from the Bakken formation.


Known for its timber and paper products, Oregon's economy has diversified into technology, particularly in the Silicon Forest, and sportswear design and manufacturing.

South Carolina

South Carolina, rich in colonial and Civil War history, has a growing economy with strengths in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and tourism.


Texas, with a storied history in the oil industry and the Alamo, boasts a diverse economy. It's a leader in energy, technology, and agriculture, with significant contributions from its large urban centers like Houston and Dallas.


Virginia's rich historical tapestry, from colonial settlements to Civil War battlefields, complements its modern economy. It's a hub for defense contracting, technology, and federal government employment, with a strong presence in agriculture and wine production.


Wisconsin, famous for its dairy production, has a strong economy in manufacturing, particularly in machinery and paper products. The state also excels in healthcare and information technology.


Arizona's history is marked by Native American cultures and the iconic Wild West era. The state has since developed a diverse economy, with technology, healthcare, and real estate sectors flourishing alongside traditional mining activities.


Colorado's history is intertwined with the mining boom and the Old West. Its current economic landscape is dominated by technology, renewable energy, and tourism, especially with its famous ski resorts and natural parks.

District of Columbia

As the capital of the United States, the District of Columbia has a unique history centered around national politics and governance. Its economy is primarily driven by the federal government, with growing sectors in education, public policy, and scientific research.


Hawaii's history is unique, with its indigenous Polynesian roots and its later annexation by the U.S. Its economy is heavily based on tourism, capitalizing on its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, along with significant contributions from the military and agriculture.


Indiana, historically significant for its manufacturing and agriculture, continues these traditions today. It has a robust manufacturing sector, particularly in automotive, and a strong agricultural output, especially in corn and soybeans.


Kentucky's history is rich in horse racing and bourbon production. Today, its economy is diverse, with strong sectors in automotive manufacturing, healthcare, and energy production, and it remains a leader in coal mining and tobacco production.


Maryland, significant in American colonial history, is economically diverse. It is a leader in biotechnology and healthcare research, driven by its proximity to Washington, D.C., and also has strong sectors in cybersecurity, defense, and aerospace.


Minnesota, with a history of Native American presence and European settlement, has a strong economy in healthcare, retail, and agriculture, especially in grain and dairy products.


Montana's history is intertwined with the mining and cattle ranching industries. Its current economy relies on agriculture, mining, and tourism, particularly around its beautiful national parks.

New Hampshire

With a rich colonial history, New Hampshire's economy is driven by smart manufacturing/high technology (SMHT) and the service sector.

New York

Known for New York City, a global financial and cultural center, the state also has strong sectors in technology, media, and higher education.


Ohio's economy, historically driven by manufacturing and transportation, now includes sectors like finance, healthcare, and education.


Pennsylvania, key in American history for the Declaration of Independence and the Civil War, has a diverse economy with strengths in manufacturing, finance, and agriculture.

South Dakota

Known for Mount Rushmore, South Dakota's economy is driven by agriculture, particularly in livestock, and tourism.


Utah's history is deeply influenced by its Mormon heritage. Today, its economy thrives on information technology, mining, and outdoor tourism, with a growing presence in biotechnology and finance.


Home to technology giants like Microsoft and Amazon, Washington's diverse economy includes robust aerospace, software development, and agricultural sectors, especially in apple production and wine.


Known for its stunning natural landscapes and ranching heritage, Wyoming's economy is dominated by mineral extraction, particularly coal, oil, and natural gas, along with tourism and agriculture, notably in livestock and hay production.

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