We Power Local Business

Revolutionizing the way businesses accept payments.

It's time to revolutionize payment processing for small businesses in the United States.

The Problem

Payment processors give you the same ole song and dance. 

“We can save you money on fees” 

“We offer this great point of sale” 

But they are missing the main point of business. The relationship.

The Solution

We’re trying to change the game.


Building stronger relationships

We deeply value our clients, recognizing that every business is unique with distinct challenges and aspirations. Rather than simply closing a deal, the company invests time in understanding and aligning with the individual needs of each client, continuously striving to foster genuine, lasting relationships built on trust, understanding, and mutual growth. he journey with a client doesn't end after onboarding; it's only the beginning. We ensure that solutions evolve in tandem with the businesses they serve. This dedication to client success underscores our ethos: partnerships over transactions, always.

Creating opportunities for communities

We are a catalyst for community transformation. Beyond facilitating seamless financial transactions, we are passionately committed to revitalizing America. By forging partnerships with local community organizations and initiatives is creating opportunities that empower communities, fostering economic growth and enhancing local resilience. Every partnership is a step towards a brighter, more prosperous America, where businesses and communities thrive in tandem. The company's ethos is clear: it's not just about business growth, but about uplifting America, one partner at a time.

Powering local business success

We are more than just a payment processor; it's a driving force behind local business success. Understanding the unique dynamics and challenges of community enterprises, we offer tailored solutions, mentorship, and resources that empower our clients to thrive. By prioritizing local economic growth, we ensures that every transaction not only facilitates a sale but also bolsters the very fabric of the community, fostering a brighter, more prosperous future for all. Our solutions ensure you can keep running your business, no matter what is going on in the world around you.

Clients and Partners

So What's The Process?

Embarking on a journey with a payment processing partner begins with clear communication. We get to the root of your business needs. Once we have fully identified the problem, we deploy solutions that work best with your business. To get started, there are three simple steps to success outlined below.

Step 1
Book A Call

We're all about partnerships, so let's start with a quick call to understand your business needs. In addition, we will discuss the process to start.

Step 2

We handle the paperwork, setting up the perfect solution for your business, and kickstart your marketing journey.

Step 3

We adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring that your payment processing remains efficient and hassle-free.

So What's The Catch?

The only catch is we hope you tell all your friends

Small businesses, employing over half of the US population, have long been overlooked. We decided to do things different because together we could effect meaningful change.

Instead of the same old pitch, we offer a novel and practical approach. In addition to payment processing, we offer you the tools and resources you need to thrive, not just survive. 

Our mission is simple: help more small businesses thrive. We aim to make a significant impact and provide solutions that haven’t been explored before.

Join Process Payments Now and experience the future of payment processing!

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