Referral Partners

Welcome to the Process Payments Now Referral Partners Program! Our commitment to establishing lasting relationships and empowering local businesses is at the heart of our operations. As we continue to grow and foster community success, we invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you’re a business consultant, an industry expert, or someone with a vast network of local businesses, our program offers a unique opportunity to provide additional value to your contacts while benefiting from our attractive referral incentives.

Why Partner with Us?

By becoming a Referral Partner, you’re not only introducing businesses to a trusted merchant services provider but also playing a vital role in their growth and success. We prioritize custom solutions, strong merchant relationships, and community building. Every referral you make contributes to these pillars. In return, we offer competitive referral bonuses, continuous support, and a transparent tracking system to ensure you’re rewarded for your efforts.

Anyone who has connections to merchants seeking bespoke payment solutions can join our program. Our program is also open to new members of the industry, interested in learning about payment processing and becoming their own boss.

While it helps, it’s not mandatory. We’ll provide you with the necessary materials and training to ensure you feel confident while referring.

No, becoming a Referral Partner is absolutely free. We believe in a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties thrive. Our Referral Partners earn a highly competitive residual commission every month.

Absolutely not! The more successful referrals you bring to us, the more you earn. We believe in rewarding our partners generously for their efforts.

  1. Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs): These partners have complete control over their referral clientele. ISOs nurture the relationship, guide merchants through the application process, and independently set pricing terms. They have the freedom to manage their portfolio, dictate pricing structures, and determine the range of services offered to their merchants.

  2. Referral Affiliates: This category of partners directly introduces merchants to our dedicated sales team. We undertake responsibilities like determining pricing, onboarding the merchant, and offering consistent account support.

Getting started with the Process Payments Now Referral Partner program is easy. All you have to do is book a call to learn more about the program. Once you are ready to move forward a member of our team will share a standard agreement. Once the agreement is signed, you are off to the races! 

Referrals Made Easy

When you choose to partner with Process Payments Now, you’re aligning yourself with a company that values relationships above transactions. Our commitment to offering customized solutions and forging genuine partnerships ensures that the businesses you refer will receive unparalleled service. In addition, our emphasis on community-building means that each successful referral not only bolsters a business but also strengthens the community fabric. Together, let’s redefine merchant services by putting trust, relationships, and community at the heart of every interaction. Join us and experience the “Process Payments Now” advantage!

Merchant Application

Once this is complete, someone from our team will reach out to you to finish your application.

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