Merchant Services In Kitty Hawk

Businesses in Kitty Hawk, NC have a unique set of challenges and opportunities. For one, Kitty Hawk is primarily a seasonal place for business. Business owners in Kitty Hawk need a merchant services provider that understands the dynamic needs of a beach town. At Process Payments Now we offer seasonal businesses with unique services tailored to their operations.

Merchant Services In Kitty Hawk, NC

Kitty Hawk is known for many things but the biggest is being first in flight. After all, in 1903, Orville Wright flew 120 feet in the air for the first time. The Kitty Hawk weather station was the one that broadcasted the first flight.

For business owners in Kitty Hawk, NC, the summer is bustling. You depend on your merchant services provider to have a reliable system that can keep up with the summer demand. Unlike other businesses in North Carolina, the summer months put a high demand on your business. Many business owners in Kitty Hawk rely on simple point-of-sale providers because of the seasonality of their businesses. 

At Process Payments Now, you can get the full feature POS system you need at the cost of the basic providers. Gone are the days of inventory mishaps, fees in the off season, and upset customers because of a long line. With Process Payments Now we have great point-of-sale options that put your business operations at the forefront.

There is so much to do in Kitty Hawk from beaches to cafes and restaurants to shopping. One of the most important things for business owners in Kitty Hawk is having a strong online presence. When customers are looking where to go in Kitty Hawk, the first place they look is online. Process Payments Now has a variety of tools to help your business expand its online presence when you have a merchant account with us.

Merchant Account in Dare County

We have helped business owners in Dare County, NC save money on their credit card processing. From merchant services in Manteo to Kitty Hawk, we have helped tons of business navigate the landscape of a beach town. 

Whether you own a top rated restaurant to a bustling retail shop, we got your back. Process Payments Now offers full service point-of-sale systems that will ensure your beach business is able to keep up with demands of customers.

Our payment processing solutions allow you to accept cards from all major brands including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also offer Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other contactless payment methods.

Credit Card Processing in Kitty Hawk

Unlike the major credit card processors, we offer some distinct advantages for merchant services in Kitty Hawk. Mainly our seasonal business program. We understand that the summer is the busy season and some businesses even close for the winter months. Our Seasonal Plus program is designed for business like you in mind.

With our Seasonal Plus program, businesses that are not processing credit cards can temporarily pause their account without incurring any fees. This program allows you to have a state of the art point-of-sale without having to pay in the months your business is closed.

In addition, we offer a number of competitive advantages that will make you trust Process Payments Now, including: 

  • US-Based Support: Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter the issue, we are always here for you.
  • Seasonal Plus: For businesses in Kitty Hawk that are seasonal, sign up for our Seasonal Plus program which offers no fees when your business is not open for business. 
  • Dual Pricing Program: Our dual pricing program allows you to save on credit card processing fees. By offering multiple payment options, your business will save thousands of dollars a month in credit card processing fees.
  • POS Pros: We have a team dedicated to your businesses success. Our POS Pros team will help you in the onboarding process to handpick a point-of-sale solution that works best for your business.
  • Free Equipment: We offer free equipment to businesses that qualify for the program. Ask us about our free terminal program when you speak to one of our Customer Success team members.
  • Fast and Secure Processing: In the ever evolving world of credit card fraud, our system comes with the tools and resources your business needs to protect against chargebacks.

For business owners that need reliable merchant services in Kitty Hawk, choose Process Payments Now to help your business grow.

An image of a beach, merchant services in Kitty Hawk, NC.

Choosing The Best Merchant Services in Kitty Hawk

When it comes to your business, the most important thing is payments. If you do not have a reliable way to accept payments for customers, it can break your business. Process Payments Now understands the importance of having a reliable point-of-sale for your business.

Choosing the best payment processor for your business is important. Process Payments Now stands out above the rest by offering Kitty Hawk business the tools and services they need to stand out. 

To learn more about our merchant services in Kitty Hawk, reach out to a member of our team or start an application online.

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